About WECO

WECO Elevator Products is the world´s largest manufacturer of elevator door detectors

We are an international leader and an elevator industry benchmark. Our global network ensures both a comprehensive vision and a local focus for our customers.

WECO bases its production on the innovation and development of the best elevator technologies. Our priority is creating versatile, universal systems to ensure the quality and efficiency of all our products. Installer requirements are just one of the details we keep in mind.

From start to finish we provide our customers with a seamless and efficient ordering process. Our customer-focused approach pairs superior products with flexible service.

Adaptability is the key to our success.

WECO Elevator Products in numbers

WECO’s annual production capacity, constantly increasing
Our products are in use in over 100 countries worldwide
Our staff are in 14 countries, speaking 28 languages
Offices in Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America


WECO has a multi-talented, international team, motivated by honest communication, knowledge-sharing, and camaraderie. As a team, we stand apart in our proactive development, both professional and personal.

WECO offers a comprehensive and flexible service, with tailored expert advice and technical support from specialists with wide-ranging experience in the sector.

WECO Factory

With one of the most advanced systems in the industry, WECO is an innovation leader in door detector and elevator spare parts production.

We master every step of the manufacturing process with high-capacity, specialized assembly lines and our ability to meet the most demanding requirements.